1. You Move Me

From the recording Red Monday

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You Move Me

Get up in the morning,
I stayed up late at night.
Got you on my mind little girl,
is everything all right?

I call you on the telephone,
my message straight to you.
So thankful for the love we made
and everything you do.

Chorus- I’ve seen rainy days,
and then you took my breath away,
you move me.
Forever sunny days,
our love is always here to stay,
you move me.
I’m driving on my way,
‘cause every day you know how to move me.

Meet me by the wooden bridge
across the water line.
Wear that little dress you made,
the one that fits so fine

I’ll hitch a ride or hop a freight
just to get to you.
Then thank you for the love we made
and everything we do.