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Jim Miller is a songwriter, guitarist, and singer who has been active on the Chicago music scene for many years. His upbringing has given him the ability to compose and arrange songs drawing from influences of iconic bands from the British invasion to Motown and Nashville.   “I have a wide variety of musical tastes” he said. “Growing up in Chicago in a house filled with relatives from the south gave me a unique perspective on music. Family would always gather in our tiny flat and listen to Gospel and Country music after a great meal.  Later, the younger kids would listen to Led Zeppelin, Grand Funk, and Cream.  

“Most of the music I write can be stripped down and sound good on just an acoustic guitar. Usually, my original ideas start with a bluesy, country feel. Big guitars, bass and drums are always an afterthought. ” Jim also states that even though he’s primarily a guitarist, his fascination has always been with unique voices and harmonies.  Soul singers Sam Cooke and Otis Redding, along with rock singers  Paul Rodgers, Steve Walsh, Lou Gramm, and Steve Perry are his main influences. “Anyone who can bring a soulful side to a song gets my attention” he said.

When writing a song, Jim approaches it like watching a movie.  “I’m a very visual person. I picture everything I’m writing about and try to capture what I’m visualizing through lyrics and music”.  Storylines for his songs have to do with personal  experiences , some pleasant, others, heart wrenching.    “Songwriting has taught me a lot about myself”, he explains. “I’ve lived through just about everything I write, and have to go to a few dark places to get what’s needed for a song.” 

Jim’s hope for the future includes writing, co-writing and arranging music for other artists. His Red Monday compilation demonstrates an ability to write in various musical styles. He also sees his music as a perfect fit for T.V. and movie soundtracks. “The best outcome from this CD would be to reach an audience through both audio and visual media who appreciate great melodies and harmonies. Sharing your music is sharing a very personal part of yourself, he said. “Hopefully, people will enjoy who I am and what I’m about. ” 

Contact: Redmondaymusic@gmail.com 

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