From the recording Red Monday

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When I Hear Your Voice

We were young, strangers in our time.
Special one, wanted you as mine.
Didn’t have to think about it girl,
never a doubt about it girl.

Try to sleep, while I think of you.
Love so deep, nothing I can do.
Really hope you feel it girl.
Wishing you could be here girl.

Chorus- When I hear your voice calling out to me,
heart’s on fire when you’re calling out to me.

Time goes on, days turn into years.
All I have, knowing you’re still here.
Really hope you feel it girl,
sands of time made you my world.

Two hearts, one love, till the end of time.


Looking back in time.
Looking back to memories of you.
Why was I so blind?
Now there’s nothing more that I can do, it’s you, it’s you.