From the recording Red Monday

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Isn’t That The Way

Sighing, crying, walking the streets, I’m looking for you.
Hoping for someone to tell me where they took you to.

Know it’s painful, it’s so shameful the way it ends.
Never thought that we would have to start it all again.

Said you loved me, now it’s over, where did it go?
Many things remain unspoken, many I should know.

Love is lasting now I’m asking what can I do?
How am I supposed to live with what you put me through.

Chorus- Isn’t that the way it seems that I should know much better.
Isn’t that the way it seems that I just can’t forget.
Isn’t that the way not to leave me but I let her.
Isn’t that the way it seems that no one knows regret, knows regret.

Now I stand with arms wide open, winning what I lost.
The price of love is never paid no matter what the cost so tell me.


Isn’t that the way, seems like that’s the way