1. She's On Fire

From the recording Red Monday

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She’s On Fire

Glowing like the sun, reflecting all around.
Standing before me upon her holy ground.
Watching the winds of time, like we’re standing still.
Waiting, waiting, like I always will.

Chorus- She’s on Fire.

A new day, for you day, a promise in the sand.
She touches my emotions, makes me a better man.
Her flame that burns like star light, a flicker in her eyes.
Forever warm, forever more, no end and no goodbyes.


Still you make my love shine through.
So far away and yet so close to you.
Look what you’ve done.
You let me find my way back home to you, it’s true.

So now with arms wide open
let me come inside.
And feel the warmth of your embrace,
there’s nothing left to hide.

Fire that’s surrounding me.
Fire washing over me.
Fire’s gonna set me free.
Fire’s everything I need.